Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scottish Universities Hotbeds of Anti-Jewish Sentiment :: Gatestone Institute

The greatest problem to tackling anti-Jewish incitement is the denial that there is any such problem. The facts, as we have seen, tell a rather different story.
A charity ball organized by the University of St. Andrew's Jewish Society, guarded by plain-clothes police officers, was held in secret last week after threats were made against staff at the original venue. The increasing security and secrecy surrounding this annual student event is an illustration of the sentiments aimed at Jewish students in Scotland.

The ball was originally supposed to be held at the Golf Hotel in St. Andrews, a small University town on the east coast of Scotland. After a campaign organized by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, a number of threats were directed at the hotel's staff, and a number of violent comments were posted on social media, with one protester writing: "Friday we send them into hell."...........

FULL ARTICLE HERE: ANTI-SEMITISM ALIVE AND WELL IN SCOTLAND: Scottish Universities Hotbeds of Anti-Jewish Sentiment :: Gatestone Institute

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