Saturday, June 4, 2016

Plutonian Mac Goes Diving: Moray Eel on the Benwood off Key Largo - YouTube

On Saturday morning of 2016 Memorial Day Weekend, our Lynnhaven Dive Center (Norfolk, VA) dive team assembled around 8:00 am at the Quiescence II 6-pack dive boat in Key Largo, where we met our Captain, Steve, brought all our gear on board and shoved off for the narrow channel that cuts through Key Largo from the Gulf of Mexico (Bay of Florida) to the Atlantic. Our first dive of the day was the SS Benwood, a The Norwegian merchant freighter sunk off Key Largo during World War II. 

In this video we stumble across a moray eel perched in its hideout on the main deck, so I eased up on him and got some pretty good footage of the eel without disturbing him.
Sea Life Micro 2.0 Video 4: Moray Eel on the Benwood off Key Largo - YouTube

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