Monday, August 24, 2015

What Is The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time? — Manhattan Contrarian

What Is The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time? by
Being a fan of scientific fraud and of human depravity generally, I can come up with lots of nominations in this category.  If you'd like to be reminded of some of the great ones that you have undoubtedly read about at some time or other, here is a Top Six list from Cracked, and here is a Top Ten list from Listverse.  They definitely have some memorable ones, from Jan Hendrik Schon, the rising star at Bell Labs who faked results for some twelve papers published in Science and Nature around the year 2000; to the fake "Tasaday" primitive tribe promoted by a Philippine government minister named Elizalde in the 1970s;  to the archeological "discoveries" (planted) of Shinichi Fujimura in Japan in the 1980s; to Ranjit Chandra, who published studies on nutritional allergies of infants, blessing the baby formula products of Nestle and J&J (the studies were never conducted); etc., etc.  One of the greatest frauds, making both lists, is the "Piltdown Man" missing link hoax of Charles Dawson in 1912. 

But going through these lists also makes clear that none of these frauds comes close to the big one going on right now, which is the world temperature data tampering fraud.  This is the fraud by which U.S. government agencies "adjust" temperatures of the past downward in order to make it seem like more recent years are warmer, and thus support the global warming narrative.  Now you are going to say, that seems completely ridiculous, they couldn't possibly get away with it, and nobody in their right mind would try such a thing.  Well, I'll just give you some evidence, and you decide.  (CONTINUED)

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