Sunday, June 7, 2015

West Point Virginia and Powhatan Country - YouTube


It's time for some Virginia Indian history. This is a photo video of a trip we took from Norfolk Virginia north to West Point Virginia, a small town situated at the point where the York River is created by the merger of the Pamunkey River west of West Point and Mattaponi River east of West Point as they flow south.

If you keep driving northwest on King William Road, you soon find the side road to the Mattaponi Indian Reservation and the museum in it run by the colorful proprietor, Chief George Custalow. The museum has a warm, intimate atmosphere and countless memorabilia and artifacts dating all the way back to Chief Powhatan and Princess Pocahontas.

Even farther north is the much larger Pamunkey Indian Reservation, which lies at the end of a long road toward the Pamunkey River. There we found a more formal, archaeological museum with wonderfully detailed artifacts laid out in historical timelines. Nearby we visited the burial mound of Chief Powhatan himself before heading back to West Point and a final cruise through its neighborhoods.

West Point Virginia and Powhatan Country - YouTube

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