Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ex-Iranian hostages agree with Bibi: Tehran can't be trusted | Fox News

For 444 days from 1979-1981, 52 Americans were held hostage in the American embassy in Tehran. (AP)
They dealt with the Iranian regime first-hand more than three decades ago, when it was founded in an act of war against the U.S., and several survivors of the hostage crisis say the idea of the U.S. negotiating with an unrepentant Tehran makes their blood boil.
For 444 days, the 52 Americans were held prisoner in the U.S. Embassy by the student revolutionaries that would help usher in the hard-line Islamic theocracy that remains in place today. Many of the hostage takers and guards held key roles in the Iranian government then and continue in important positions today.
“I think it’s very naive because the Iranians talk out both sides of their mouth,” said Clair Cortland Barnes, 69, of Leland, N.C, who was a 34-year-old communications officer at the time he was taken hostage. “Their actions betray their conversations. Their conversations say one thing and then they do something else.'
“They have an agenda that is to wipe out Israel and take over America,” he added.
FULL ARTICLE: Ex-Iranian hostages agree with Bibi: Tehran can't be trusted | Fox News

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