Sunday, May 4, 2014

Putin’s Propaganda | National Review Online

Vladimir Putin is a master propagandist. Fresh from using his state TV to mount glittering coverage of the Olympics in February, he has turned his Kremlin stooges to the task of Ukraine’s government as “fascist” and portraying it as a clear danger to any Russian speakers under its control. If the West, especially the U.S., doesn’t step up its game in responding, it will soon wonder either how Ukraine was lost to Russia or how it was rendered ungovernable.

When pro-Russian separatist groups seized control of government buildings in the eastern city of Donetsk last month, they made sure to occupy the TV station. They brought a technician with them whose first job was to turn off Ukrainian channels and replace them with Russian ones whose idea of covering the crisis was to blend montages of Ukraine’s pro-Western leaders with footage of Nazi storm troopers from World War II. (CONTINUED) 


Putin’s Propaganda | National Review Online

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