Monday, November 4, 2013

Stop Mother Agnes Marium's Assad Propaganda Tour

Stop Mother Agnes Marium's Assad Propaganda Tour

Why this petition is important:

As part of the Assad regime's propaganda war to mislead and misinform, Mother Agnes is embarking on a speaking tour of the US and Canada. The Vancouver Syrian-American community succeeded in canceling Mother Agnes-Mariam’s speaking engagement at the Unitarian Church in Vancouver on November 11th. Please help us get the remaining events cancelled by signing our petition and calling the listed phone numbers below.

The petition will be sent out to Mother Agnes-Mariam's following speaking engagements:
Nov 1-2: Alliance for Justice (Tuscon, AZ) Phone: (202) 540-8336
Nov 3: St Thomas More Church (San Francicso, CA) Phone: (415) 452-9634 Nov 4: Rebuilding Alliance (San Mateo, CA) Phone: (650) 325-4663
Nov 5: Creekside Hall (Walnut Creek, CA) Phone: (925) 935-1811
Nov 6: Our Lady of Grace Church (Castro Valley, CA) Phone: (510) 537-0806 Nov 7: First Christian Church of Oakland (Oakland, CA) Phone: (510) 451-8822

Posted October 31, 2013
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