Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The urgency of addressing mental health for Syrian refugees -

Children pretend to be carrying a coffin, as they play along a street in Raqqa province, eastern Syria, Aug. 12. Op-ed contributor Curt Goering writes: Syrian parents 'are desperately worried about their children' who have experienced horrors and are showing signs of psychological distress. Fortunately, 'mental health services can provide a ray of hope amidst the barbarities of conflict.'
Nour Fourat/Reuters

When Secretary of State John Kerry visited a vast camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan last month, refugees implored him to take action to stop the killing in their homeland. Their desperate pleas made news around the world, and illustrated the intense mental anguish that has accompanied physical atrocities in Syria’s civil war.....
The urgency of addressing mental health for Syrian refugees -

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