Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ann Curry – NBC Exclusive: Interview with Syrian doctor on front lines of suspected chemical attack

By Ann Curry

Today, a Syrian doctor who treated hundreds of people in Wednesday's attack on the outskirts of Damascus, told us area hospitals have counted 10,220 people affected, and of those 1,466 people died.

We have independently verified the identity of the doctor, but are honoring his request not to publish his name, nor the hospital where he works, because he fears that would endanger the safety of his loved ones.


Even our interview, shot via Skype, does not show his face, though it does reveal his trauma over what he has seen:

Syrian doctor: "To kill 1,466 persons at 3 am?  What is it? The symptoms belong to chemical weapons." Ann: "What were their symptoms?"
Doctor: "Confusion, coma, convulsion."
Ann: "Are you saying children were the first to be affected in this attack?"
Doctor: "Yes. They have small bodies. This is the reason the percentage of children is higher." (continued)

FULL ARTICLE HERE: Ann Curry – NBC News – Reporting Our World

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