Saturday, June 1, 2013

Video: Doctors record ‘chemical attacks’ in Syria - English | Front Page

AFP, Geneva
A group of doctors working in war-torn Syria said Friday its members had seen dozens of patients suffering from what they believe are chemical weapons attacks, saying the number seemed to be rising.

“We have dozens of cases of people hurt in what seems to be chemical attacks, especially civilians,” Tawfik Chamaa, a founding member of the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organisations (UOSSM), told AFP.

The organization, which has dozens of doctors in field hospitals across Syria, said 97 percent of the victims were civilians, and that the cases were mainly concentrated in the suburbs of Damascus.

Referring to a list of 34 suspected attacks, compiled by the group Syrian Human Rights Watch in Cairo, Chamaa said the attacks appeared mainly to be carried out by fighter jets, helicopters and long- and mid-range missiles...............

LINK: Video: Doctors record ‘chemical attacks’ in Syria - English | Front Page

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