Friday, May 31, 2013

REMEMBER ALL THOSE DEAD MARINES? Justice for Hezbollah | The Weekly Standard

The Obama administration is heralding a conference later this month in Geneva where representatives of Bashar al-Assad’s regime will ostensibly sit down with the Syrian rebel forces opposing them. The effect will be to prop up Assad. Sen. John McCain, on the other hand, is committed to the Syrian people. We commend him for the courage he showed last week when he became the most senior American official to visit Syria since the shooting started, entering from the Turkish border. Meeting with rebel leaders, McCain could hardly have been surprised to learn that the last thing they want is an intra-Syrian peace process with the ruling clique that slaughtered peaceful demonstrators for a year before the opposition finally picked up arms in its own defense. What the rebels want from the United States, Free Syrian Army general Salim Idriss told McCain, is what they’ve been requesting for a year—weapons and the grounding of Assad’s air force with a no-fly zone. Idriss added one new item to the wish list: Bomb Hezbollah.

Funeral for a Hezbollah fighter, killed in Syria/Landov

This request comes as the Lebanese militia has fully entered the Syrian civil war on the side of Assad—fighting not just to keep its ally in Damascus in power, but also to be of service to the Iranian regime, the patron of both Assad and Hezbollah, and to keep open the conduit that allows Iran to ship armaments through Syria to Hezbollah’s strongholds in Lebanon..........

FULL ARTICLE HERE: Justice for Hezbollah | The Weekly Standard

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