Sunday, May 5, 2013

Israeli Air Force continues air strikes against Damascus

Israeli rockets over Damascus
Damascus, the same facility which Israeli 
planes attacked in January.  

debkafile: The Israeli operation in Syria appears to be in its opening stages, after the first round failed to prevent the transfer of Iran-supplied Scud D and Fateh-110 missiles to Hizballah units fighting in Syria the next day, Saturday. Syrian state TV reported the attack on Jamraya. There was no comment from Israeli spokesmen.

Arab sources reported a series of explosions and fires north of Damascus early Sunday. They say Israeli rockets also hit two 4th Division Republican Guard battalions. The 4th Division is the main Syrian military unit buttressing the regime. It is commanded by President Bashar Assad’s brother, Gen. Maher Assad.........

FULL ARTICLE HERE: Israeli Air Force continues air strikes against Damascus

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