Friday, May 3, 2013

IS THIS THE WAY TO STOP CONFLICT MINERALS? Congo's Tin Idea - People & Power - Al Jazeera English

ARTICLE EXCERPT: .............Now one man believes he may have found a solution (to conflict minerals).  

His Royal Highness Prince Jaime de Bourbon Parme is a Dutch diplomat, as well as the heir to House of Bourbon Parma. 

He is the special envoy on natural resources to the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs and has persuaded a handful of the world’s largest electronic companies to consider taking part in a ground-breaking project that just might, play a major role in ending the conflict.  

His aim, he says, is to make market forces, not armed forces, be the critical factor in the Eastern Congo, which is why he is backing a plan to produce the first ever conflict-free tin......  
FULL ARTICLE W/VIDEO: Congo's Tin Idea - People & Power - Al Jazeera English

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