Friday, April 19, 2013

THE JEWISH BOY WHO GOT AWAY: BBC News - Escaping the train to Auschwitz

Simon Gronowksi, aged nine, with his parents in Brussels before the occupation Simon Gronowksi, pictured aged nine with his parents, two years before he and his mother were arrested. 
On 19 April 1943, a train carrying 1,631 Jews set off from a Nazi detention camp in Belgium for the gas chambers of Auschwitz. But resistance fighters stopped the train. One boy who jumped to freedom that night retains vivid memories, 70 years later.

In February 1943, 11-year-old Simon Gronowski was sitting down for breakfast with his mother and sister in their Brussels hiding place when two Gestapo agents burst in.

They were taken to the Nazis' notorious headquarters on the prestigious Avenue Louise, used as a prison for Jews and torture chamber for members of the resistance.

Today, Gronowski lives a two-minute walk from this building, where he was held for two nights without food or water.........

FULL ARTICLE: BBC News - Escaping the train to Auschwitz

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