Friday, April 12, 2013

DE FACTO PARTNER IN CRIME: Grand Jury Testimony: Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Ignored Gosnell Horror Stories

According to the transcript of Grand Jury testimony taken on January 20, 2011, Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor on trial for the murder of seven babies and an adult patient, was not caught by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health (DOH). The discovery of what has been described as a "horror show" was accidental, the result of a police raid to seize evidence of illegal prescription sales.

It was only after this raid and the resulting media publicity of what the police found at the clinic ("the disgusting conditions, the dazed patients, the discarded fetuses") that the DOH stepped in.
What the Grand Jury testimony makes clear, though, is that very little of what was ultimately discovered could have come as a surprise to the Pennsylvania Department of Health -- the government agency that should have been "the first line of defense" against Gosnell. The DOH had not only received numerous complaints about deaths and underage abortions over the years, but DOH personnel had also visited Gosnell's clinic on numerous occasions.
Despite these complaints and being an eye witness to heaven knows what, no action was ever taken.
The testimony claims that prior to Gosnell's arrest in 2011, the only official DOH inspection of his clinic occurred in 1992 or 1993. At the time, numerous violations were noted, but "Gosnell got a pass when he promised to fix them."

FULL ARTICLE HERE: Grand Jury Testimony: Dept. of Health Ignored Gosnell Horror Stories

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