Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Congo Siasa: MONUSCO's new mandate––some thoughts

MONUSCO's new mandate––some thoughts by Jason Stearns

The UN Security Council just voted in MONUSCO's new mandate yesterday. The most remarkable part of the text concerns the deployment of an intervention brigade. While the press has focused on this, there are other important parts to the text, which makes for an ambitious vision for the UN mission:

1. The Intervention Brigade: The Security Council calls for the creation of a special force of three infantry battalions, in addition to artillery, special forces and reconnaissance companies to be based in Goma. They are supposed to carry out offensive operations against all armed groups to neutralize and disarm them. This is heady language for the United Nations––it is a radical new way of interpreting the protection of civilians, from a purely reactive to an aggressive, preventative stance.....

FULL ARTICLE: Congo Siasa: MONUSCO's new mandate––some thoughts

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