Thursday, April 4, 2013

Anti Israel Hackers Threaten Cyber Warfare | United with Israel

On April 7, the eve of Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day, a joint team of international hackers led by Hactivist Anonymous has threated on Facebook and other websites to try and erase Israel from the internet. A hacker known as Anon Ghost initiated the event on Facebook and called it OpIsrael. The campaign was launched in March in order to express solidarity with the Palestinians. Anonymous will also be joined by several other Hactivist groups such as Sector404 and RedHack. The group has claimed that they have hacked into the Mossad’s website and accessed classified information, which was then leaked online. Analysts believe that the hackers will attempt to enter into Israeli government websites, as well as banks and credit card companies within Israel. The branches of the Israeli military including the Israeli Air Force have been training to stop and respond appropriately to computer attacks. “Protecting our systems is the most important mission of the force” said the IAF Head of the Aerial Formation who attended a meeting of high ranking Israeli military officials to discuss cyber attacks.

FULL ARTICLE: Anti Israel Hackers Threaten Cyber Warfare | United with Israel

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