Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why Hugo Chavez Was Bad for Venezuela - The Daily Beast

 Megan McArdle
by Megan  McArdle

I've been a bit befuddled by some of what my colleage Michael Moynihan terms "love letters" to the departed Hugo Chavez (such a sonorous voice rolling out of the television for hours on end!  Pity he was insufficiently authoritarian, though).

Now, I am sad that Hugo Chavez is dead, because it is always sad when a human being dies, and a universe ends.  And I felt no particular urgency, after he died, in writing the obligatory piece pointing out that Hugo Chavez was a strongman with profoundly anti-democratic tendencies, who believed in elections only insofar as they suited him, and also, has left Venezuela's economy in a parlous long-term position.  But then people started defending--or minimizing to the point of untruth--the clearly indefensible..........

FULL ARTICLE: Why Hugo Chavez Was Bad for Venezuela - The Daily Beast

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