Sunday, March 3, 2013

Traumatic Childhood Suffering under Decampment and the Atrocity of Assad's Regime - YouTube


Malak should be telling stories about nice times she spent with her friends and sisters. Instead, she talks about harsh scenes she has witnessed and terrific stories she has gone through. She also lists the types of weapons the regime is using against unarmed people. "We have our voices in Syria, and we would elect another president in case we said we do not want him. They do not have the right to rule and execute us", said Malak. She is a child, but her words are what the Syrian Revolution aims at. With a trembling voice, Malak talks about how far she is from her school and the cost of decampment she paid. However, Malak will soon restore her innocence and dreams.

Translated and subtitled by Syrian Translators Union (STU)

Childhood Suffering under Decampment and The Atrocity of Assad's Regime - YouTube

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