Sunday, March 10, 2013

MEDIA HASN'T CORRECTED EGREGIOUS ERROR: UN Verifies That Hamas Rocket Likely Killed Gaza Child Whose Death Was Blamed on Israel

Jihad Masharawi tragically lost his infant child during the Hamas-Israel conflict.

The UN Human Rights Council released an advanced version of its report on Israel’s November conflict with Gaza terrorists this week. The report is unusually fair to Israel, and disputes several claims made by Western media against Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense. Most significantly the report says that in all likelihood the 11-month-old child of a BBC employee Jihad Misharawi was killed during Operation Pillar of Defense by Hamas rocket fire rather than by Israel, the side initially blamed in reports by the BBC and several other media outlets covering the conflict. [as you can see from the Washington Post headline below]

FULL ARTICLE CONTINUES: UN Verifies That Hamas Rocket Killed Gaza Child Whose Death Was Blamed on Israel | Jewish-Israel News

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