Wednesday, March 13, 2013

KILLING FOR ASSAD: Hezbollah’s new low -



Created by the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hezbollah’s army is designed mainly to bully the Lebanese into submission. It is also used for terrorist operations in other countries, including Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen.

But it has hit a new low now, joining the despot Bashar al-Assad’s murder squads against Syrian people.

Last September when I reported that Hezbollah was fighting in Syria, the group and its masters in Tehran launched a campaign of denial. “Hezbollah would never fire a bullet against Muslim brothers,” the party’s TV station, Al-Manar, repeated.

Yet echoes of Hezbollah’s involvement in the massacre of civilians in Syria have been heard across the Middle East. Even the Lebanese media, operating with a Hezbollah gun pressed to their heads, confirm the story — albeit in a roundabout way............

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