Monday, March 11, 2013

DEJA VU? FAR RIGHT EUROPEAN-MOSLEM ALLIANCES REMINISCENT OF WW2 SURFACING: Iran and Hungarian party form anti-Semitic alliance | The Times of Israel

Afi Hossein Jarhomi, right, the founder of the Hungarian Iranian Business Group, attends a meeting with Jobbik chairman Gabor Vona, third from right, and visiting Iranians. ( via JTA)

BUDAPEST, Hungary (JTA) — The potholed streets leading to Tiszavasvari’s rusty train station offer no clue that this sleepy town of 12,000 in eastern Hungary is considered the “capital of Jobbik,” the country’s ultranationalist, anti-Jewish party whose name means “better.”

The first sign appears near the office of the mayor, Erik Fulop, the first of five Jobbik politicians elected to run a Hungarian municipality. Shortly after taking office in 2010, Fulop set up a twinning arrangement between Tiszavasvari and the Iranian city of Ardabil, and a sign in Hungarian and Farsi near the office celebrates those ties.

Observers say the announcement of the twinning arrangement was the first international event held in Hungary under Jobbik’s auspices and a mark of a growing partnership aimed at breaking through the isolation that both the party and the Iranian government are laboring under — Iran for its suspected nuclear weapons program and support for terrorism, Jobbik for its hyper-nationalism and anti-Semitism......

FULL ARTICLE:  Iran and Hungarian party form anti-Semitic alliance | The Times of Israel

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