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BP trial showing the world that Big Oil cannot be trusted | Stuart H. Smith

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Stuart H. Smith:

Like a lot of you, I’ve been keeping a close eye on what is happening with the BP civil trial here in New Orleans. As I wrote last week, the airing of what really happened on the Deepwater Horizon rig in April 2010 — in a case that many of us never thought would ever come to trial — has been a Godsend of vital information for the American public. I applaud the U.S. Justice Department for pushing this case forward, to prove what we’ve all known from Day One, which is that British Petroleum, with aid from rig owner Transocean and main contractor Halliburton, is guilty of gross negligence, leading to the spill of millions of barrels of oil.

In Week One of testimony before U.S. District Justice Carl Barbier, there has been one theme that has been successfully hammered home again and again and again — that corners were continually cut, and that safety always took a back seat to the almighty dollar, even in an industry that rakes in tens of billions of dollars in profit every quarter. And when they realized what they had done, they desperately tried to cover their tracks. Here is just one example:

BP’s false assertions that only 5,000 barrels of oil were flowing from its Macondo well in May 2010 resulted in the use of at least one method to attempt to stem the flow that was doomed to fail, says a motion filed in federal court Friday by attorneys for Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. In its motion, Transocean argues it should not be subject to damages for as much as 60 days of the 87-day spill because of BP’s falsifications..........

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