Friday, March 1, 2013


Cadouche and Port-au-Prince, HAITI, 20 February 2013 – The population of Cadouche, a small village about 12 kilometers south of Cap-Haitian in Haiti’s North department, is nervous about three new mining exploitation permits granted last December in an opaque and secretive process.

Located near the Morne Bossa deposit, the Cadouche economy is based mostly on agriculture. In this hamlet of a little over a hundred small houses, which has no clinic or other services, families work day and night to take care of their families needs. And they ask themselves if they are invisible to the authorities in Haiti’s capital, because negotiations about their region’s future go on behind closed doors, without any local representation, they say............. 

LINK: Ayiti Kale Je - Haiti Grassroots Watch - Haïti Veedor - English - Nervousness and lack of transparency surround three new mining permits

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