Monday, February 18, 2013

Syria’s Baba Amr (where Marie Colvin died) devastated and frozen in time

 Syrians queue as they wait to fill their gas bottles used for cooking and heating, in the Baba Amr neighborhood. (AFP)

By AFP/Syria

Nearly one year after the fierce Syrian army takeover of Baba Amr, the former rebel stronghold in the central city of Homs, residents eke out a living in a devastated neighborhood frozen in time.

 Bullet-pocked walls, collapsed balconies, fallen telephone poles and abandoned apartments make up the desolate scene.
Baba Amr gained notoriety when hundreds of Syrians were killed during two months of army bombardments and combat with the outgunned rebels.

It was also where veteran journalist Marie Colvin of the Sunday Times and budding French photographer Remi Ochlik met their death in an regime raid on an activist media center in February last year. 

A month later, Assad made a rare visit to the devastated district to mark the “victory” of his troops, offering promises broadcast on state television that Baba Amr would rise again and return to “normal life.”

But 11 months later, the wind whistles through bombed-out buildings and the streets are littered with rubble, an AFP journalist reported during a tour of the district escorted by government troops...........
FULL ARTICLE HERE: Syria’s Baba Amr devastated and frozen in time

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