Thursday, February 28, 2013

NY DAILY NEWS HAMMERS BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions movement): Separating fact from fiction on BDS


Students for Justice in Palestine invited guest speaker Omar Barghouti (pictured here) to address an audience which sparked anger from Pro Israeli groups on campus. Photo taken outside the student center at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn New York on February 7, 2013.   Julia Xanthos

BDS proponent Omar Barghouti needs fact-checking.

To shed light on the passions generated by the Brooklyn College program that promoted the so-called BDS movement, the Daily News opens its Op-Ed page to one of the evening’s speakers.

BDS proponent Omar Barghouti writes of the movement’s motivations and goals. We recommend that you read his piece and then return here for the truth.

Barghouti aims in the short-term to undermine Israel’s moral legitimacy on the way to the long-term prize of securing rights for Palestinians that would effectively dismantle the Jewish state.

His dancing around this central point lets Barghouti verge on anti-Semitism while claiming respectability......

FULL ARTICLE HERE: Separating fact from fiction on BDS - NY Daily News

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