Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TINKERBELL MEETS DRACULA: Obama's Magical Realism Regarding Syria

According to Arab diplomatic sources consulted by the London-based Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat, Russia has successfully exploited US fears of extremist infiltration of the Syrian opposition and so Washington is more committed than ever to ensuring the continuity of the very state institutions responsible for wrecking Syria in the first place: the mukhabarat and the military. The idea of even halfheartedly supporting this Arab revolution is over, whatever State Department posturing to the contrary; the “bartering phase” has thus begun.

There’s a good chance that this claim, or some variation of it, is accurate. In the diplomatic arena, all signs point to the West’s quiet efforts to try and lower the temperature of the Syrian opposition down from revolution to reform and to deprive it of long-promised and longer-needed material assistance. Strategically, the immediate aim is to ring-fence a national implosion before it becomes regionally explosive, even at the expense of a humanitarian catastrophe whose butcher’s bill is growing at an exponential rate. The fine print of the latest UN statistics shows that around 5,000 have been killed every month since the siege of Homs last February, whereas “only” 5,000 had been killed in aggregate throughout the first nine months of the conflict, and another 5,000 in the subsequent five months. If Assad does hang on for another year, the monthly death toll could rise dramatically...................
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