Saturday, January 19, 2013

INVISIBLE CHILDREN: Ben Keesey reflects on White House visit | Invisible Children Blog

Ben Keesey reflects on White House visit

Ben Keesey at White House

Ben writes:

Wow. Today is a day that I will never forget. Just 48 hours ago, I got word that a Presidential signing ceremony for the Rewards for Justice bill was being considered. And just a few hours later, I was on a plane from San Diego to Washington DC to represent Invisible Children in the oval office signing event.

On the trip out here, before we were able to share the news of this event, I was thinking about how hard it is to change U.S. policy. Our democratic system, especially with the current dynamic in Congress, is at-best slow to act and at-worst, stuck in gridlock of partisan politics.

But there have been a few issues that are so well supported by people around the U.S. and so morally clear, that they keep moving forward despite the status quo in Washington. And this effort took another step forward today, when President Obama signed the Rewards for Justice Rewards Program Update and Technical Corrections Act of 2012. This bill broadens the U.S. governments ability to use monetary rewards to individuals who come forward with information that leads to the arrest of people who are indicted by international war criminal tribunals like the International Criminal Court.......

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