Thursday, January 17, 2013

CLAY CLAIBORNE at Daily Kos: Syria: FSA begins final push to free Aleppo

Video of attack on Aleppo University

There were two major explosions at Aleppo University that killed 87 people, including many students, yesterday. The Assad regime blamed "terrorists" but many observers on the ground said that the explosions were caused by rockets that came from government planes.

Aleppo University has become a symbol of resistance in a city that has been locked in a stalemate between opposition fighters and Assad forces for many months now.

The Free Syrian Army launched a campaign to take the city on the last day of August. The Assad regime vowed to make quick work of them. Now the FSA controls most of the city but the Assad regime still controls the skies.

With that control he has been able to deliver "Death from Above" to every part of the city, attacking bread lines 24 times, and he has been able to turn what is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world into a pile of rubble. Put it another way:

Assad has been pounding cities that go back to the stone age, back to the stone age.
Assad's area of control in Aleppo has been constantly shrinking and yesterday the Russians announced the closure of their consulate in Aleppo, a sure sign that change is in the air.

Today the opposition forces have announced the start of a final push that they say will completely liberate Aleppo.

FULL ARTICLE: Daily Kos: #Syria: #FSA begins final push to free #Aleppo

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