Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bad Eagle Blog: Hillary Defiant, Dishonest, and Disgraced

Hillary Clinton, before the Senate at the Benghazi hearings, Janaury 24, 2013.

Hillary Clinton today began her testimony about Benghazi, before the Unite States Senate. She could not exonerate herself, or anyone else, haughtily, pitifully, and deceptively though she tried. Most everyone recognizes her complete failure to answer the most basic questions, and her predictable attempts to divert the issue, to distract from the basic concerns. Feigning genuine character, she premiered her serpentine remarks with the braggadocios presumption, “I take responsibility.” But she immediately began blaming others. Though in her forked-tongued English, her claim is tantamount to confessing Benghazi was her fault, she forthwith cast the responsibility on others. The death of four Americans in Benghazi was the result of her failure, but she passed the buck to the Republicans–whom she claimed have not provided funding for better security. This, somehow, was to be considered more important that all the lies she and the administration repeatedly told when Benghazi happened.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: Hillary Defiant, Dishonest, and Disgraced

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