Sunday, November 18, 2012

UGLY SITUATION GETTING UGLIER IN CONGO: BBC News - DR Congo M23 rebels advance on Goma in North Kivu

M23 rebels stand outside a small wooden shack in the village of Kanyarucinya, 6km from Goma, in eastern DR Congo, 18 November 2012  
 Congolese officials say M23 rebels, pictured, are backed by Rwandan weaponry
Rebels in eastern DR Congo have advanced to within a few kilometres of the provincial capital, Goma.

The M23 rebels say they have no plans to take the city but residents fear it could fall at any moment.

The UN Security Council this weekend condemned rebel attacks and demanded an end to outside support for the group, noting they were well equipped.

UK Foreign Minister William Hague has condemned the M23 advance and urged British citizens to leave Goma.

"Any British nationals in Goma should leave, and any in DRC should check the FCO's updated travel advice," he said.

Government forces and United Nations troops still control Goma's airport, but the UN says the humanitarian situation is worsening, with some 60,000 internally displaced people fleeing the fighting.

The UN said more than 10,000 fleeing civilians were seen passing near the airport on Sunday.

FOR THE FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE: BBC News - DR Congo M23 rebels advance on Goma in North Kivu

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