Thursday, October 25, 2012

With Friends Like These


When Barack Obama first ascended to the presidency, his American supporters exulted: now that the hated Dubya Bush was out of the picture, the world would finally “like” us again! It’s as if they were all in junior high school and considered the United States a Facebook page, and nothing was more important than having the whole world click our “like” button. Now that the end of Obama’s tenure approaches, it is abundantly clear exactly which world leaders “like” him and why they want him to have a second term.

After four years of apologizing for American arrogance, alternately either bowing to or embracing Islamic fundamentalists, insulting our oldest and closest allies like England and Israel, and driving other allies out of power altogether, Obama has indeed won over a certain sector of the world – the sector comprised of the most America-hating dictators on the planet. And they “like” Obama because he has diminished, if not crippled, American economic and military might, and because his goal conforms with theirs – to move us into a post-American world in which we are no longer the lead actor on the world stage. In short, he has alienated our allies and embraced our enemies.

Case in point: Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, who at the end of September publicly announced his support for our Saboteur-in-Chief’s reelection bid. “If I were American, I’d vote for Obama,” Chavez said in a television interview. Of course he would – Chavez is a power-mad socialist. He’s certainly not going to get behind capitalist Romney and his Ayn Rand-inspired running mate Paul Ryan. The America-bashing, Hezbollah-supporting thug also pronounced Obama to be “a good guy” and speculated correctly that if Obama were Venezuelan, “I think… he’d vote for Chavez.”


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