Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kony film breathes life into hunt -

Kony film breathes life into hunt 

By Katrina Manson in Nairobi

For years, Joseph Kony has taken the remnants of his Lord’s Resistance Army around the borderlands of four countries, hiding in thick forest in an area the size of California. Despite a 2005 charge of war crimes from the International Criminal Court, he has evaded repeated attempts at capture and reneged on several peace deals. 

When last week a film by the campaign group Invisible Children went viral, attracting more than 76m viewings (and counting) on YouTube and the support of a host of celebrities, it breathed life into the hunt for Mr Kony, whose forces are notorious for abducting children and forcing them to fight, as well as hacking off the lips and noses of their victims.

But on the ground there are other signs the pressure is growing. Uganda’s chief of defence forces on Tuesday flew to Kinshasa to meet his counterpart in the Democratic Republic of Congo, said Colonel Felix Kulayigye, a spokesman for the Ugandan army.

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