Saturday, February 9, 2013

INSTEAD OF SUPPORT, CRITICISM: Dutch citizens are fighting in Syria: spy chief

European governments, usually too cowardly to help the Syrian people oust a vicious, mass-murderous Mafia regime, instead, as this Dutch official in the accompanying article is doing, criticize those of their citizens brave enough to volunteer to fight for Syrian freedom on their own. Reality moment: There would have been no significant "Islamist brigades" in Syria if  the EU and US had shown more guts and at the very least started providing the Syrian Free Army with useful weapons back in 2012, or even earlier. A number of journalists and analysts have underscored how this created a military/political vacuum that Islamists would soon fill.
 Syrian opposition group take position with a Soviet-made T-55 tank on the Jabal al-Turkman mountain in Syria’s northern Latakia province on Feb. 5, 2013. (AFP)

ARTICLE LINK: Dutch citizens are fighting in Syria: spy chief

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